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LinkedIn Photos Sydney

LinkedIn Photos Sydney

Over 20 years experience working with our clients to create amazing linkedin photos that best showcase you

Do you want to have the best LinkedIn profile photos in Sydney? There are lots of approaches you might have read about over the last few years, lots of hints and tips, ways to stand out, colours and clothing to use, yet the obvious thing is sometimes missed. Be true to yourself.

When it comes to choosing your LinkedIn photos, there’s no one image that does everything, no one formula to success, and no easy short cuts.

That’s not true. The easy short cut answer: get professional photographs taken. It’s quick and effective. In your own terms, it’s outsourcing the work to people with a good track record, which is what you do when you want something done well and when you’re investing yourself in the results.

First-time clients are often amazed at the images they see during the session. If you’ve ever tried doing your own headshots yourself or had a friend help out, you know there is usually a few really awkward photographs that you hope never see the light of day. So if your regular experience is that photos of you are all awkward, you’re definitely looking for a great solution.

We’ll help you relax, coach and direct you through the session, and show you the progress along the way. You’ll have immediate and reassuring feedback as we create your profile images.

Sessions Available

These sessions are on a per person basis. For group sessions or bookings please contact us via email or call 0411 137 747. We're able to photograph small teams in the studio, but find it usually makes more sense to do so at your place of work.

LinkedIn - $250

LinkedIn Headshot Session details
  • 45 min photo session
  • 3 retouched images (plus copies for social media)
  • Additional retouched images $150 ea

For Her - $650

Linkedin Photos Sydney of Cheryl
  • 90 min photo session
  • Hair and makeup
  • 5 retouched images (plus copies for social media)
  • Extra retouched images $110 ea

Ultimate - $990

Ultimate headshots details
  • 2hr photo session
  • 10 retouched images (plus copies for social media)
  • Additional retouched images $75 ea

A significant proportion of our clients use us because they’ve seen, in the photographs we show, exactly the look they’re seeking.

Good profile images, headshots, and LinkedIn photographs work because they concentrate the viewer on a real human, who exudes, for example, confidence, empathy, sympathy, warmth, lightness, competency, decency and the ability to listen. All mixed in with the professionalism they want to see.

They’re not necessarily attributes that immediately leap off the headshots we see today. Too often, neutrality is the de facto result. That leaves the viewer to their own interpretation, which is not always the best form of promotion.

From a photography perspective, we’ve found that we can more specifically narrow down your choice to effectively promote you to your audience. For instance, if you are involved in face-to-face care, health and teaching, you often do better with a really approachable headshot that shows warmth, friendliness and empathetic.

People who are involved in the corporate and commercial worlds might find that a stronger, confident, calculated, engaged and calmly professional look helps their prospects. But then that’s not to say that breaking the expectations of your own industry won’t help your prospects even more. We can leave time for experimentation.

More importantly, we allow time for clothing changes, as the different looks you might need can certainly create dynamic looks.

Just remember that recruitment is done, primarily by people who are already heavily invested in relationships, so it makes a great deal of sense to promote yourself at that level. Photographs that show distinctly warm and positive human expression consistently rate well.

Client Testimonial

I absolutely love them! I normally hate pictures of myself but your team has done an amazing job! My boss walked past when I was looking through them and he kept saying "Wow! Wow! Wow!" Thank you for doing such a great job.


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