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Womens Business Headshots

Why invest in a "For Her" Womens Business Headshot Session

In an ideal world your skills and experience are enough, but more people are discovering the competitive advantage that well executed headshot photography brings. For those who like to leave little to chance they go the extra step and commit to a couture business photography session with professional hair and make-up. In other words you can own your point of difference. You are you. And a great professional headshot gains attention and projects yourself immediately to your intended audience.


We live in a world that is swamped with photography. You’re competing for attention with hundreds and thousands of images everyday. Our clients enjoy the advantage that great professional headshot photography brings. Making the most of a headshot session can be done by utilising the services of a professional hair and make-up artist. Their skill is not in altering who you fundamentally are but highlighting your features and, yes, concealing too. We work closely with hair and make-up artists who are renowned for their care and skill, whether it’s for corporate, film and television, bridal, events and more.

Over the course of 1-3 hours we can create two or three compelling looks for you with quick changes for clothing, accessories, hair and sometimes with make-up colours. With the care we take in individualising the shoot it’s little wonder our clients often remark to us that it is the best photography they’ve ever had of themselves.


After the shoot we choose the best images from the session. Your own choices are made from this selection for retouching.


A great headshot is more than the sum of its parts – really! It’s much more than a photographer with a camera. You are the subject and your clothing, accessories, hair and make-up quickly establish you and your personality. Of course that should be enough but it’s not. The right lighting adds more than we realise. A well lit headshot leaps off the page or screen. Knowing from which angle and height to shoot adds a touch more. A well posed or directed shot adds even more and helping you use the controllables – eyes, eyebrows, eyelids and mouth creates the final impact. A headshot, after all, is not a passport photograph and should never be photographed as such.


A quickly established rapport between photographer and client is key to unlocking the potential that great headshot photography attracts.

Business or corporate headshot photography communicates personality almost instantly and effectively and can indicate so much about, for instance, your friendliness, keenness, wit, humour, confidence and trust. When all else is equal your headshot can open doors and create networking opportunities, sometimes unfairly, more than words and experience do.


Whether you’re using your business headshots for LinkedIn, Twitter, Weibo, Google Plus and other social media sites, in marketing collateral, on billboards and posters, in traditional news media, peer-reviewed articles, business media, – – – Don’t settle for a make-do solution when a professional headshot really does work for you at all hours.

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